Similar Webpages not showing in see also

I allowed control of safari, allowed full disk access, and restarted my computer, and enabled the option in preferences, but the similar webpages are still not showing up in see also nor anywhere else, it is also not working in devonagent pro.
What can I do to get similar webpages to work on webpages I am viewing in Devonsphere and Devonagent?
Using: MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 MacBook Air 2017

What’s the URL of the website? Google doesn’t return results for all URLs.

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I tried several urls including the wikipedia homepage, but it does show a few similar sites on the devon website pages.

I’m having this issue as well. Haven’t used it in quite awhile and I’m sure it used to work. I’m back in research mode now and have yet to find a site that returns web results - only Archive and Devonthink results come back in both Devonagent and Devonsphere Express. I had deleted Devonsphere due to disk space issues and recently re-installed - but Devonagent has only had upgrades (including to Catalina)from when it used to work. Hmm.

Any examples of a website and what it should return for testing purposes?

Lately Google rarely returns useful results, therefore upcoming versions of DEVONagent/sphere will use a different approach to work around this.

Thanks for the update.