Simple functionality question: How do I extract pages from a pdf, or make basic annotations?

Moving from using Acrobat for large document review and annotation. In Acrobat I simply select pages and extract them for use later as exhibits or attachments to other docs. Thus, pulling a 2 page excerpt from a 1500 page pdf is a simple matter of highlighting the pages, clicking extract, and saving the extracted pages to a new file. How do I do that with DT 3?

And how to make an annotation, called a “bookmark” in Acrobat? Going through the same 1500 large pdf and need to make notes that I can later return to. Simple in Acrobat. Not so intuitive in DT.

And last, what does one do with a link to a document page? I don’t see where to store them or make them otherwise accessible once I’m done with my doc review.

Thanks. Sorry for the noob questions, but the help documentation has a ton of material but I cannot put my finger on answers to any of my dumb-nuts question.

Select Tools > Inspectors > Contents > Thumbnails. In this inspector you can select, delete, rotate or reorder pages and insert blank pages too. To create a new file select several pages and drag them to the desired destination (e.g. in DEVONthink or the Finder).

The table of contents of PDF documents can’t be edited yet, therefore this isn’t possible. But you could add pages to the reading list via the contextual menu.

Such links can be used in other apps (e.g. calendars, outliners etc.) but of course also in DEVONthink, e.g. in rich text or Markdown documents.

A good example is Tools > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders. In the Annotations popup you can insert a back link to the current page of the PDF document, add some notes etc.

Did you check out Help > Documentation > Documents > PDFs and Inspectors > Content?

Thank you. I will try those suggestions.

Okay, so here is a screenshot to a link to a page in a document. I inserted it into a note, and saved the note to the specific database inbox. But it is not actual hyperlink that I can click on and go to. I get the standard text selector cursor, not a link or something that would appear to invite clicking on.

What kind of document are you showing here? There isn’t a single kind.

Oh. Sorry. It’s a 77 page pdf.

I think I might understand. It’s a two step process?

Right click>copy page link doesn’t actually create a link unless what is copied is input in the note itself>add link box. It creates the text of the link, and using the right click>add link functionality is what actually creates the hyperlink.

Copy Page Link does get the URL.
You can do several things with the URL.