Simple (I hope) scripting location

I’m a very rusty AppleScripter now, but after significantly improving one of my most important scripts today I decided to tackle a much bigger problem. I’ve been working with @korm’s nifty movement script here (Move items with the keyboard between databases (re-imagined)) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to replace this line:

	set theDestination to (display group selector "Select a Destination")

with a static location.

I assume it must be possible, but after spending a couple of hours experimenting and searching and scanning and generating scores of error messages, I admit to being stumped. Possibly I’ve just plum forgotten some basic syntax? Or is there a deeper trick here? If someone can please direct me towards a sample line of script I’d be grateful. All I need to be able to do is to move a selected item from the Inbox to a another pre-defined database.

Related, perhaps, is the log reporting necessary?

Many thanks for any help.



set theDestination to get record at "/group1/group2" -- group2 under group1 under the database

-- OR

set theLoc to "/group1/group2"
set b to (get record at theLoc)

You can check the DT’s dictionary of AppleScript command in the Scripter Editor for further info.

Thanks. But perhaps maybe I need more than that line? I spent a bunch of time in the dictionary as well today, but like I said I’m rusty, as most of my scripting was done 10-15 years ago. But conceptually it looks like instead of pushing something out of the inbox, I go into the target database and pull the record in?

This is what u asked?

It is. But your answer suggests that I don’t understand as much as I’d hoped.

I think using the UUID is the best way to get a group as UUIDs don’t change. A group structure might change if you forget that a script points to a group and move groups around.

So this might be the easiest and safest way

set theDestination to (get record with uuid "3D2074ED-0E50-416C-B894-2E7CA4F76ED5")

There’s a free version of Script Debugger, it shows AppleScript dictionaries way better than Script Editor.