Simple (I think) Feature Request

First a pat on the back:
You guys really seem to have gotten one of the major uses for a mobile app of this type: collecting information. Photo notes and voice notes are really a good extra.

But there’s one aspect that isn’t as well represented. Most of us on the go need to be able to easily manipulate checklists. Shopping lists, a simple on the go list of tasks, things like that. As it is in order to check off an item I need to click on the item, flag (or un-flag) it, and hit “Back”. A three step process. I’d like to see the flag attribute more accessible from the list to make this a one click process. Even making it a context menu item would make it a two click process without taking focus away from the entire list.

It sounds trivial but if you are checking off a dozen shopping list items, it becomes more than a little inconvenient.

Tom S.

Tom, is voice notes available in DTTG? I’m trying to find the manual for DTTG to see beyond the introduction web page, but can’t find it.

Devontech guys, please, make a trial version available. I would have spent few hours playing with the app and make up my mind. It’s so much easier for an end user to get familiar with app.

Voice notes are available in DTTG. The notes are geo-tagged and support comments, labels, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add it to our list of feature requests and consider it for a future release.