Simple research workflow w DevonThink - recommendations?

I feel right now that I’ve spent almost as much time reading about other people’s workflows in the past few weeks as I’ve actually worked, so, out of desperation, I pose the following -
has anyone figured out a simple, non-5-app workflow that primarily relies on DevonThink?

‘Primarily relies’ as in, uses DT instead of Mendeley/Zotero for papers, relies on DT for file renaming, something else related to reference managers I forget to add?

(Mendeley annoys the hell out of me with locked in annotations, Zotero is just, meh, but I’m hesitant to jump the ship. At the moment I’m testing indexing Mendeley folder + replicating select papers to a DT folder structure, doing annotations in DT or opening through DT in an external app.)

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