Simple way to use DEVONthink Pro 2 with any NAS?

Dear community,

I need to use DEVONthink Pro databases from more than one computer in more than one location. I think of setting up a NAS system, and thought the databases would be usable like any simple text file or so, yet it seems no.

There is an explanation (How to use Synology NAS as sync store) which to read and understand would take me a very long time, and it doesn’t even address all NAS types but only one (synology).

Is there a simple kind of plug and play way to do this? I really don’t think I could go through such a process.


DT 2 has been superseded by version quite some time ago.

Regardless of that: its developers discouraged putting databases in a networked folder. The post behind the link you quoted is not describing a shared database setup but a sync solution.

Maybe DEVONthink server would be appropriate for your requirements. Which is difficult to say because your requirements are not clear.
I don’t know about a plug and play solution (for what, exactly?). But there are perhaps consultants willing to provide their services.

Hello, thanks for your reply.

Ok, if the developers discourage putting databases on networked folders, maybe this is just not the app for what I’m trying to do.

(I use DEVONthink Pro to organize files in folders and by tags, interlink them and such things. I user a number of databases for different fields of work. I’d like to put them on a hard drive I can access from more than one computer without having to connect it physically. As far as I know, a NAS volume connected to my router (and thereby to the internet I suppose) would do just that. And with Plug and Play, likely a wrong term here, I meant to say: Somehow just put the database on that NAS volume and use it as if it was on my internal hard drive. Sorry I can’t explain it any better due to my limited technological knowledge.)

Storing a database on a network volume is possible if (!) the connection is wired & fast (e.g. at least gigabit ethernet). Accessing it via WiFi or even from the Internet is highly discouraged due to the lower performance and reliability.

But the recommended setup is usually to use a local database on internal/external discs and to synchronize this with other computers/devices (and this can e.g. happen via a NAS).


This assumption is generally not correct. Or at least not accurate. Your NAS can (as well as your other machines connected to your router) initiate outgoing connections. However (again: as your other machines connected to your router), it will not accept incoming connections as would be necessary for accessing it if you’re abroad. Your router prevents that (as well it should) unless you tell it explicitly to let traffic pass through on certain ports.

This is still possible with DT by means of synchronisation: Put your databases on any of your machines. Set up synchronisation, e.g. via Bonjour (which is more “plug and play” than NAS via WebDAV). Start DT on another machine and set up synchronisation there. Wait till the data has downloaded.
Yes, that’ll put a copy of your database on every machine. But it will also make sure that these copies are in sync. So it looks like you were using only one copy of the data.
Before setting up sync, you should definitely go and read the DT manual on (at least) this topic. Also, have a look in the forum for discussions on synchronisation.