Simplex/Duplex Scanning with ScanSnap Home

Most of my documents are single sided and so that was my default setting in the profile I use with DEVONthink Pro Office. It’s also the profile I use for ScanSnap home.

Under ScanSnap Manager, if I wanted to scan a duplex document, I could control-click on the icon in the macOS Dock and toggle for just that one scan to duplex. I used this a lot.

Under ScanSnap Home, my Dock options are much less, namely I can open the settings and permanently it, but then I get two documents in DEVONthink Pro Office that I have to manually combine. I also have to go change it back to simplex as my default.

Am I missing something that would make it as easy as before to toggle between simplex and duplex scans from the Dock?

This would be a question for Fujitsu, as we have no control over their application or dock icon behavior.