Simply question: 2 persons, 1 database

Is possible to access the same database by 2 different persons in the same time?

If not, sync is still useful, but not as much as we need.
We need to be able to work all in the same time.
How can we know if other people are inside the Database?

No this is not possible with Sync. This is a decentralized system meaning everyone has their own copy and Syncs to a common location.

The Web Server allows for simultaneous access to one database but may not be robust enough (in terms of a browser’s ability to display some fileTypes) but the database must be hosted by a single machine.

Actually, i made some trials.

And me and my friend could work together in the same Database.
Opened by both in the same time.

The ONLY thing we couldn’t do is the sync in the same time: the alert log advises you that hte other person is syncing in the same time.

But if we have the database opened and we sync one after the other, there’s no problem.

So, why do u say that it’s not possible?

Having more than one User opening the same DEVONthink database, meaning the same physical file, at the same time is not advisable or supported.

Sorry, but the file is in my local database.
We touch the dropbox store only when we sync.

What i miss?

I am confused about your setup.

The database is on your local machine. How is your friend accessing the database?

i put database in my mac.
then i sync with DT, and it goes on dropbox
then i connect and i import it