Simultaneous copying

I mostly use DTPO to copy selected text from pdfs, paste the text in the body of a RT document, then go back to the pdf, right-click copy page link and go back to the RT doc and paste the pdf page link. I often make many RTs from one pdf, each from different pages in the pdf. Is there any way to copy the page link and text simultaneously so I only have to travel to the RT doc once? Or is there any application that would allow me to create a RT doc that has both included?
Data/New from Template/Annotation would be perfect because it immediately creates a document that is stored in that group with the page link, into which I can paste the text I copied, BUT I can only make one annotation per document. If only I could make multi “annotations” from one doc. So close, so close :exclamation:

I would suggest you try one of the scripts in these threads as a starting point:

QuoteHighlight&Annotate script

The scripts in that thread allow you to add multiple annotations from a single document into a single document. There are scripts to do this with both an rtf file and an omni outliner file.

Annotation Pane (Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v3)

The script in that thread allows you to add to multiple annotations from a single document and stores them as single notes in a linked group rather than in a single file.

Questions about them should be asked in the threads dealing with them.

There are other scripts in the forum that do variations on this theme.