Single default location for importing, Possible?


Is it possible to have DTP import to the folder selected in the preferences (and only to the folder selected in the preferences) whether or not the method is a bookmarklet, drag and drop or script?

Organizing the database and having items import, via a script, to the root level is a bit of a PIA.

For example, the “Add Webarchive to DevonThink” script adds the selected page to the root level though I have my “Incoming” folder as the default for import.


I’m afraid that there is no way to change that behavior in the current version of dtp.
if i’m mistaken, please let me know how to get all the imported stuff into the incoming group.

Bookmarklets and services use already the specified destination and a future release will improve the AppleScript support so that it will be possible to write scripts using the desired destination.

Cool. thanks!