Single Window Option

This request is for DEVONnote and DEVONthink … because I use them both.

I would like to have an option in Preferences that would allow me to choose a Single Window Mode. I work exclusively on a PowerBook, and because of the screen size, would prefer not having multiple windows opening on top of one another.

I mostly work in Note Pad view. When I double-click a folder, the application presents the contents of that folder in a new window. I would prefer that the application present the contents of that folder in the original Browser Window. I would then navigate back with a "Home" or "Back" button in the Toolbar, a Menu selection, or a Keyboard shortcut.

This would be similar to what’s called “Hoist” in outline programs like OmniOutliner and Circus Ponies NoteBook. I like working this way. It removes from view all other folders and documents … allowing me to focus only on the folder (project) contents I need to work with at that time.

Or … instead of having an option in Preferences for Single Window Mode, you could have Toolbar/Menu/Keyboard choices for "Hoist" and "Un-Hoist".

Is this possible?


A "Browse in place" option will be added to v1.9.x but in the meantime you could press the option modifier key while double-clicking on groups (or use Cmd-Option-O instead of Cmd-O) - this will automatically close the current window (similar to the Finder).

Great news! As usual, I look forward to new DEVONtechnology …
And thanks for the meantime tip!