Siri on iOS

What is the phrase that signals Siri to take a DTTG note?

“Hey, Siri - take a note in DEVONthink."

It creates a Plain Text note. How can I get it to create a Markdown note?

I can’t test this (different language, and I’m not sure I want to give Siri access to DT), but have you tried “Hey, Siri - take a markdown note in DEVONthink”? (I presume you have and that it doesn’t work; just kinda hoping you havn’t had the same idea and now think I’m totally brilliant for solving it :smirk:)

That output of that command isn’t user-definable.
If you create a Shortcut for creating a note, you should be able to use the name of the Shortcut as a Siri command.

Tried that. It doesn’t work. It gave me a Plain Text note with Title Markdown. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Likely, the correct shortcut didn’t run in that case. You could try and use a completely different naming and phrasing to have Siri run it and even have the shortcut ask for dictation input to set the name.

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