Siri & Privacy on DTTG - Is Siri sharing content w Apple?

I’m using iOS 14.4. Have always been curious how much Siri is collecting from apps. I know I can disable it entirely, but I do like the features and want to keep as many as I can while still keeping DTTG content to myself.

Apple’s privacy policy say processing is done locally, on device. But does that means ALL processing? And if their policy is strong, could they just flip a switch tomorrow and access the content? I’m ok sharing some metadata, but would like to know the contents of the files/notes are not being shared.

Below is a pic of the options I see in settings. Do I have to turn them ALL off to ensure privacy?

Personally, I’ve left Siri (and all other natural speech apps) after the whole discussion mid 2019.

I’m sure they’ve improved all they can, but in the end it’s still unclear to me if people are or aren’t listening to the recordings or what is or isn’t stored.

What I notice at the bottom of your screenshot for example is the remark that ‘data’ can be shared. As long as Siri isn’t performed on the device itself completely, I personally regard it as a tool that’s making to much of a privacy infringement, as nice as it is. To put my opinion into perspective: I’ve started moving many things from the cloud and try to store much less personal information on the internet then I did in the past, as I find it increasingly difficult to predict what it’ll be used for in the future. This is another example why I started to get more aware, although it’s obviously on a whole other level than Siri. A very good aspect of DT and DTTG (and Apple in general) IMO is that the developers seem to be very aware of a situation like possible dataloss and allow for strong encryption. I therefore suggest always using it, although be aware if you loose the encryption key your data is likely lost if there’s no way to recover the key somehow.

In the end it’s a matter of trust. And like I started, that’s very personal.