Siri Shortcut on iOS for note-input in Devonthink to Go

Hi there,

is there a Siri Shortcut that would allow for quick entry of notes into Devonthink – preferably directing the note to a destination specified in advanced.

Also nice would be to have the note being put in Devonthink while at the same time a task in Omnifocus would be created bearing the respective x-callback-link to the note stored at the same time in Devonthink. And bear is the perfect hint I have seen such a Siri Shortcut for bear already allowing for clipping websites to while putting a task (linked to this note in Bear) into OmniFocus.

Any suggestions appreciated.


You might want to check - they have some pretty cool shortcuts for DTTGO one of them is actually DTTGO note + Things 3 ToDo. I am sure you could repurpose it for OF.

It can easily be repurposed for any task management app that supports shortcuts or x-callback. I have transformed all the DTTG shortcuts from MacStories into any number of variations. They are powerful.