Siri Shortcut on iOS for note-input in Devonthink to Go

Hi there,

is there a Siri Shortcut that would allow for quick entry of notes into Devonthink – preferably directing the note to a destination specified in advanced.

Also nice would be to have the note being put in Devonthink while at the same time a task in Omnifocus would be created bearing the respective x-callback-link to the note stored at the same time in Devonthink. And bear is the perfect hint I have seen such a Siri Shortcut for bear already allowing for clipping websites to while putting a task (linked to this note in Bear) into OmniFocus.

Any suggestions appreciated.


You might want to check - they have some pretty cool shortcuts for DTTGO one of them is actually DTTGO note + Things 3 ToDo. I am sure you could repurpose it for OF.

It can easily be repurposed for any task management app that supports shortcuts or x-callback. I have transformed all the DTTG shortcuts from MacStories into any number of variations. They are powerful.

Unfortunately, this shortcut doesn’t support Word documents which ruins a major use case for me. Does anyone else have a shortcut they could share that would send a file (including Word doc) to DTTG and then create T3 task to review the file (with link back)?

Seems creating a task to review a document sent via email would be useful to many, but I’m having trouble finding one.

Have you read the DTTG manual regarding URL-schemes (page 45) already?

If you are using Apple Mail, there is no way to execute a Shortcut directly from the Mail app…

What apps are you using besides DTTG and Things 3?

You’re talking about an email message. In fact, it is very possible to run a shortcut on an attachment inside a mail message.

For those of us who work a job where documents get sent around for review, it would be very helpful to run a shortcut on a Word doc attachment that sends the doc to DTTG, and then create a T3 task “review this file” with x-link to DTTG file inside note of T3 task.

What does this part of your post mean:

I may have misunderstood, but I thought that meant a link back to the email.

Not sure whether you read the manual or not, as you didn’t reply.

Anyway, I can think of several options:

  1. Use Base64 encoding and use that to stream into a Shortcut
  2. Use drag and drop from Mail to DTTG, run a Shortcut from DTTG
  3. Copy attachment to DTTG, run a Shortcut from DTTG
  4. Use a Mail client on macOS to forward (every) mail to DT and sync to DTTG, run a shortcut from DTTG

UPDATE: Thanks to info from @eboehnisch I have updated the shortcut with the right UTI for XML Word documents so they now display properly inside DEVONthink To Go.

Presuming you wanted a link to the DEVONthink To Go item (and not the email), I created a Shortcut that can be used from the Share activities menu on an attachment right inside the email. It adds the file to DEVONthink To Go in the destination group and creates a new task in Things 3 with a link in the task notes that will open DEVONthink to the document.

When you import this it will ask for the Item Link of a group to use as the destination.

I have added Word and PDF support, other file extensions will fail until the dictionary in the Shortcut is updated with an entry using the file extension and correct Uniform Type Identifier.
Mail also appears to pass files with generic names rather than the actual name of the file so you are prompted for the filename/subject of the document in DEVONthink To Go,
Feel free to change it as you see fit or reply back with suggested changes, questions or issues.

There is one oddity, when adding a docx Word file it is not displaying right inside DEVONthink To Go. I already have a question out via feedback asking about a different Uniform Type Identifier (UTI).

With which you can share the PDF of an e-mail to any Shortcut as well, by printing it, pinching out on the print dialog and then use the share sheet on that PDF.

Would be nice though if DTTG could include the link back to Mail on iOS when you drag-n-drop it.

Would be even better if Apple could update Mail on iOS. I’ve got the feeling it’s more or less stuck on the early versions. Where’s the share sheet from the mail itself?

Where’s the share sheet from the mail itself?

The question people have had for years :confused:
Even if not supporting sharing multiple emails, the complete lack of the Share menu all these years later does seem odd indeed.

Just about anyone doing iOS automation has this high on their wishlist/gripe-list.

Airmail Pro will let you send an email to Share but it is hamstrung because it will only send the raw text and no attachment information.

Thanks, correct. That’s what I’m interested in. Shortcut doesn’t seem to be creating task in T3 though. I’ll need to debug why that is.

Just tested and it is working for me. Are you getting the complete message at the end?

I am running iPadOS 13.6.1 and Things 3.12.8 (latest from App Store).

You might want to explore the hook Apple would like you to create links back to the original file.

You might want to explore the hook Apple would like you to create links back to the original file.

I don’t understand what you mean by this statement. Please clarify. Thanks.

The Hook website in the above post will get it across a lot better than I can but it was developed by a brain scientist on how to link together information.

The developer was on Mac power users and he is a cognitive scientist who works on how humans gather information that can lead to new insights.

#560: Workflows with Luc Beaudoin

November 1st, 2020 · 117 minutes

Stephen and David are joined by Luc Beaudoin, a cognitive scientist, author and developer of the Mac app Hook. He explains how we typically gather, process and use data, and how our computing devices can assist — and detract — in that work.