Site down for this forum?

Site down? Suddenly all my browsers start to complain certificate of this site has expired, and I can no longer read the bookmark linked to this site in DEVONThink.

Are you referring to these Forums?

Yes, that’s what I meant. Updated the title to reflect that. Is it still up for everybody else?

Yours is the only report I’m aware of.

Strange, I tested on two networks located in Canada and one network located in US. They all reported certificate expired. It is either a glitch on my server or it will starts to impact others shortly.

Adding a screenshot from Firefox when I try to visit this site. Firefox seems to be the only browser (among Safari and Chrome) that allows me to ignore this warning easily without messing with my certificate setting.

Yes it’s showing expired for me. It’s probably a time zone issue why you reported it first.

Same problem in Portugal. Also the expiring certificate warning. Managed to go around it with iCab browser.

Our SSL/TLS certificate expired. We’ve updated the certificate and the forum is online again now. We apologize for the inconveniences.

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Moments of sheer panic - one of the best support forums on the planet is down and unresponsive. Glad to see you back :smiley: