Situation of EasyFind in current macOS releases? Optimized for APFS?

In 2018 I switched from EasyFind to another app because it was not optimized for APFS, and it was very slow. I see that you have kept updating it, and that many users install it in current macOS versions, which implies APFS disks most of the time.

However, in the release notes I cannot find any comment about APFS.

I tried it now in a MBP just updated to Monterey, and it seems to work fine. Did you improve the performance in APFS from the slow operation that it had back in 2018 with High Sierra?

Thanks a lot!!

EasyFind still uses the same APIs (catalog searching) if available but wasn’t optimized for a specific filesystem.

I feel like it has a good performance now, but I don’t know if it’s because I tried only small searches, or because Apple improved the API performance.

Do any other users have an experience about this?

Which settings did you actually use?