size and zoom secrets revealed

According to previous post, I continue to investigate and discover font size problems in DTP rich text editor… used as note by example

  • how to be sure that size font (ie 12) will be print as set (i.e. 12) ?

First observation : if you edit the richtext in the below part of the 2 parts of the browsing window… the right margin is adapted if the size of the browsing window is changed. And if too large when printed, size of fonts are smaller…

Second observation : if you edit in the stand alone richtext window (the dtp text editor is in front), by changing the right margin, the text is wrapped as desired as printed… and when saved the text in below part of the browsing window in background is updated… good

Third note:
But for confortable viewing (working with glasses) on screen, it is better to zoom as 125 or 150%, but how ?

  • on TextEdit on the bottom right you find a popup with percent… it is easy to adapt as desired the zooming when text is wrap to page…
  • How on DTP editor ? the menu View/Zoom or keyboard shortcuts or Lens icons in Toolbar (I replace the defaut subscript/superscript icons)…

but the % of zooming is not indicated ?? In the next release ?? (for wysiwyg = useful)
The advantage of a popup : lots of infos and actions in tiny place in UI !


a zoom pop up will appear at the same time as page wrapping (like TextEdit), probably in v2.0.