"Size" Column in EasyFind Results

I just “found” EasyFind, downloaded, and installed it. I am new to OSX (been an OS-9er forever!), and am still trying to adjust and learn how to use it. I expect the transition will take a while. It’s a great OS; however, the “Spotlight” feature is absolutely atrocious (I find it totally useless). So EasyFind is a wonderful…err…“find.” :wink:

Perhaps it’s a simple oversight on my part, but I don’t see a “help” menu for EasyFind, and I can’t seem to find the answer to a couple of questions I have in the ReadMe document.

When I do a search, the results are reported under 6 columns (Name, Created, Modified, Size, Kind, and Where):

  1. Can additional columns be created, incorporating additional characteristics? (I doubt it, but I thought I’d ask.)

  2. My primary question: The “Size” column doesn’t indicate any size information—just a “–” (double dash) for each item. Is this normal, or is there some kind of preference setting I can use to “activate” it so that each item’s size is indicated?

Many thanks for your help…and for an absolutely wonderful product!

The ReadMe file in the download contains descriptions of EasyFind’s features and a few tips.

No, it’s not currently possible to add columns. I’m not aware of any plans to do so. What column(s) would you wish to add, and why?

If you do a Files & Folders search you should see Size data for files, but not for folders. If you do a File Contents search you should see Size data in the results list.