Size of documents in Library/Mobile documents folder

My 1 TB harddrive recently ran out of space and I couldn’t figure out why. I ran DaisyDisk and found out that there was a 125 GB file in the DevonThink section of LIbrary/Mobile dcouments. I have maybe 4 or 5 databases and the biggest is under 2 Gb. I found the folder in the finder and the enclosing folder was over 350GB in size. Since the Mac stores all of these documents in folder names with just a series of letters and numbers I can’t find which database may have caused this. I used DT to verify all my databases and they all reported ok. Any suggestions? Would it hurt anything to delete these files directly from the finder?

Is this definitely a file? The synchronization shouldn’t create files larger than 4 MB actually, all larger files are split into multiple chunks.

It’s in multiple files. The biggest set is in a subfolder inside of the receipts folder where there are 6 folders labeled 000 to 007. 000 for example is about 30GB and has over 7,000 individual files that are all 4MB or less. Is there any way to tell which database these are connected with?

No, this isn’t possible. What’s the size of your databases according to File > Database Properties?