Size of Sorter / Take Note Popup


I’ve just noticed (be kind – I’ve only been using DT for 12 years…) that if you don’t choose either Dock or Menu Bar for the Sorter, then it manifests as a floating popup. This is useful, because on a large monitor the Sorter is too far out at the edges for more than the occasional very short note.

But as a standalone popup, it becomes a lot more viable to take longer notes – e.g. annotating a web page/kindle document and so on… or it would be if the size of the popup wasn’t fixed. As it stands, the viewport is just too small and it doesn’t respond to window sizing and positioning commands from apps like Rectangle.

I can understand the logic for this with the other two methods (or for the clipper and other variants) but with the standalone Take Note window, it would be helpful to treat it as a ‘proper’ window.

Use case example: I find something I want to annotate in Safari there and then:

  1. Shortcut to activate the note and add the URL
  2. Arrange the Note window and Safari comfortably using Rectangle etc
  3. Start taking notes…

At the moment, you have to create the note in DT3, then open it in a separate window and then rearrange the windows.

Obviously, this is not essential stuff, but perhaps it could be considered as an addition to the Wish List of Infinite Depth?


Thanks for your suggestions. This is something that has been discussed in the past, so it’s certainly not the first request. Development would have to assess this.

PS: I have actually been an advocate of this extended behavior for some time since I think it would alleviate the need for some people continuing to using Apple Notes and other simple utilities for impromptu but in-process notes. In fact, I would go one step farther and implement a toggle for floating the window. :slight_smile:


A toggle would be the ricing on the cake… :grinning:

An useful comparison would be with a Quick Reference panel in Scrivener (though you can’t use that for new notes) – it doesn’t have the full feature set of the main editor, just a carefully chosen subset – but yes, it does have togglability…

I think the Take Note window already has a useful subset of features: label, tags, flag, stars etc - I can’t think of much else that would be useful or needed for the intended purpose. Sizing and positioning with toggle would be very welcome, though…

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