Skinning/Adding Icons to DT

Okay, this is my DEVONthink.

Closer look:

It’s pretty easy toga those Icons on your folders.

Now in terms of the Custom Icons I have up top, I have t say that if you screw something up it could cause your DEVONthink to act funny. But I’ll tell you how to do it anyway. You just Secondary Click the DT app in the Applications folder. There’s a folder called Resources with all an app’s icons in it. They’re mostly in .png format. I backup the originals use Photoshop to edit the icons, and make sure they’re the same exact size as they were before. the ones that end in @2X are for Retina Macs, the ones without are regular Macs. Again, if they’r the wrong size it could cause DEVONthink to no display icons correctly. I would back up the Entire App before you mess with anything. I mean, messing with Icons won’t really change much functionality, but if something gets screwed up it’s out of DEVONtechnology’s realm of responsibility to fix it since it’s not exactly the product they sold. So again, back everything up.

I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more of a response. Or did you guys all know this anyway? I thought I was being clever.

Not safe. Better way, to change a group icon, select the graphics source you want to use, copy it, open Tools > Show Info, select the icon for the target group, and paste the copied graphic. Work this way in Finder’s Get Info too, by the way.

So – say I have a folder of icons. I open the .png in Preview. Select all. Copy. Go to DEVONthink Show Info. Select the icon. Paste. In the image below: the file – the icon open and selected in Preview – the pasted icon in DEVONthink Show Info.

That’s exactly what I said. Secondary click > Get Info and past your icon in the top slot.

The icons I used were actually the Mac/iOS Emojis, since I think they’re really well designed and there’s quite a variety.

But Emojipedia has all the different emojis for each OS.

Side note, if anyone uses Omnifocus Pro and needs Icons for their perspectives Icons8 provides a great service.