Skipping forward/back in video/audio

By default when you press the left/right key while playing a video or audio it pauses and moves back/forward a very small amount (just one frame I think in the case of video).

I’m looking for a way to configure this, or setup a different hotkey to easily jump back/forward a few seconds, and without pausing - the typical behaviour on YouTube and certain other media players for example.

I haven’t been able to come up with a way to do this within DT so far. I also make heavy use of DT’s ability to quickly grab a frame link, so I’d rather not open the media in an external app. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Welcome @Chae

There is no way to configure the behavior of the media controls. In fact, this is the first request of its kind I can remember.

OK, no problem. Makes sense that it’s not a common request. I guess most people who need that sort of functionality are using dedicated tools, like transcription software.

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I also like the idea as more and more informational videos came out over the last 2 years during the pandemic.

I have more and more the case, that I research in video material, skip back and forward, transcript important pieces and take notes out of them.

Maybe it could be a worthful feature for DT, if there would be more helpful (multimedia) integration for video (and audio). Especially for researches control options for skipping back and forward, for note-taking (with exact markers in video or audio) and for transcription could bring strong benefit.

The developers of Airr and Snipd saw this request of a lot of researchers and made quite good apps for note-taking in audio. There‘s also a similar app for videos. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name as I am actually not at my MacBook where I have it installed…

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Actually Shift-Left/Right used to jump 15 seconds back/forward but I just noticed that this doesn’t work anymore on Monterey, we’ll check this.

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And fixed for the next release.


Wow, that’s great. Fast fix, thank you!