Slow Bonjour sync


After encountering issues with iCloudkit sync I moved to Bonjour sync as recommanded by some of you in this forum.
I link my iPad to my iMac with an USB-C cable open Bonjour on my iMac and open DT and DTTG on both devices.
It works well except that the sync speed is so slow for one of my DB I would like to know if it’s normal or should I have to change some settings on my devices ?
On DT iMac I push the maximum connexion number to 16 and in automatic mode
On my iMac I closed all other DBs and on my iPad only 1 DB sync is running at the time
The DB I sync is quite large (several thousands of items) and I don’t upload the PDFs for instance just their images.
It’s now several days that the sync is running and only 30% of the DB is synced for now :frowning:
Any suggestions please ?

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First do a Verify and repair on that database (all copies on all devices) and see if that clears it. And any better on WiFi (as might be wire)?

I just did the verify and repair on both items no issues found and on my iPad there was also an update of the grouping nothing change stll slow
Regarding the Wifi this was my previous method but I have too many disconnections to the sync server that I moved to wired connection instead to do the sync.

  • There is a whole section in the “DEVONthink Manual” covering troubleshooting for Sync.
  • And refer to Bonjour Simplified in case you missed something in the setup, e.g. “accept incoming” erroneously setup on both devices?
  • And re-boot both.
  • And sufficient free storage space available on both devices?

Are you just syncing or importing a database?

just syncing (I prefer to import manually then after the synced PDFs on my iPad depending of my needs)

Last attempt I am doing right now is that I deleted the DB from my iPad and re-sync it through iCloudKit…looks better performance at the moment even though slow but much faster than Bonjour sync.