Slow Download from WebDAV

Hi all,

I have gigabit fiber connected to my Synology RAID, which is hosting my WebDAV DEVONthink Pro databases. I have DTTG on my iPad and iPhone, and recently, the downloads from have been incredibly slow from DEVONthink. For instance, I just attempted to download a 768k file, and it took about 5 minutes. (On the same iPad, connected to the same hotel network [or AT&T cellurlar network], I can browse the Synology filesystem using DS File and download a 3MB mp3 in 5 seconds.) The same issue is occurring on my iPhone. This slow download from DEVONthink has been happening for at least a week, maybe more, and I’m not sure what to do to resolve it.

Any suggestions?


Though I can’t give you the technical aspects of this, use of our sync and DS File are not the same thing. They are accessing single files. Our sync is accessing sync data, not a mere copy of the file, stored in the sync location.

The synchronization is slower than a simple file download due to its overhead. However, it shouldn’t be that slow. How large is the database (see File > Database Properties on the Mac, especially number of items/words)?

Hi Christian,

The database isn’t that large at all. It’s 7GB (6, 566); 8 replicants, 95,367 unique words; 7,105,898 total words. I understand the overhead, but it’s NEVER been as slow as it is now. I was traveling this last week, and have now returned home, so I can do any troubleshooting that’s necessary.


Do you remember whether an update of DEVONthink To Go or iOS might have caused this?

I honestly do not. I am running the current versions of DTTG and operating system on both my iPad & iPhone, as well as my iMac.

Each time pending items are requested, all not yet up/downloaded changes are also synchronized (e.g. to ensure that the item still exists and that there are no other critical changes). This can indeed slow down things. But if that’s the case, then at least the following requests of pending items should be much faster.