Slow Search...


first of all, my technical environment:
I use DT Pro on my MacBookPro which is equiped with a HDD that is much faster than the shipped one. And for the security, the archive is inside a sparse bundle that is encrypted.

I bought Devon Think Pro and a Fujitsu Scan Snap scanner to scan and ocr all my fully filled “Leitz Ordner”. I have scanned for about 2 or 3 month now and came up with an archive size of about 20 GB. About 11 GB of this is OCRed PDF files.

Whenever I search for some text inside DT the machine slows down and reacts with the funny ball… Sometimes I have to wait for more than 90 seconds or longer after having typed 4-5 words.

Is there a best practice to handle bigger archives or is DT not made for this approach?

Hope to hear from you,
Mirko Haaser
Bremen, Germany

How many items & words does your database contain (see File > Database Properties)? How much free RAM is available?

If you’re using the toolbar search, disabling the prefix search (see popup menu) should improve the performance. Or use the search window, see Tools > Search.

I have 1.515.461 words, 82.139.375 in sum… I will try the other hints… I have 4 GB RAM, more than 1.5 GB are free.