Slow Searches on DTTG

There’s probably a simple fix, but I’ve been experiencing very slow searches on DDTG. I think I know what the problem is: I synced all of my databases onto my iPad, so the cumulative sizes of these databases is slowing down my search. I was experiencing a similar issue on DTPO, so I’m now more careful with the databases I have open simultaneously. I have two questions:

  1. Am I correct in assuming that my slow searches are linked to the size of my open databases in DDTG? (I have maybe 60gb+ worth of databases on a 2019 iPad Pro).
  2. Is there a way to keep a database on my iPad without having it perpetually on DTTG? Since my iPad has a relatively large hard drive, I’ve been using it to store all of my databases (don’t worry, I also store them on an external drive). I have several databases that I don’t use frequently, but I’d like to be able to access them easily.


It’s possible, but does the slowness persist after reboting the device?

No, the reboot seems to have sorted out the problem. Thanks for the help, though I’m a bit embarrassed that it was such an easy fix.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

PS: We recommend people reboot their devices at least once a week, just to be kind to them.