Slow update download

Am I the only one experiencing painfully slow update download speeds for DTPO? The download is only half way through after an hour - it seems to be downloading at about 5 kbs. I have just done a download speed test (UK based) and my link is running at 14 Mbs. There are no concurrent downloads in progress.
… after 90 minutes it gave an Update Failed, Download Again message!! I am trying to use the in-app update from 2.0.6 to 2.1. Download from the website seems to be as slow…

Over here (Czech Republic) the download speed is up to 860 KB/s. Do you use a proxy?

No, I don’t use a proxy. Other downloads this morning have been fine and downloaded at >> 1 Mbs. I am trying to download from the DT website now (using Safari 5.0.3 with OS 10.6.6) - just over halfway through and 38 minutes remaining!

Update to 2.1.1 crawling along at a snail’s pace ( a few kbs). Am I the only one with this problem?

Download speed is still up to 500 KB/s today, therefore this seems to depend on the location and route but doesn’t seem to be an overloaded server.