Slow WebDAV sync interfering with fast bonjour

I have an extremely slow Internet connection.

When I first installed DEVONthink and DTTG I synchronized a 3 GB database via Bonjour, no problem.

I then created a webDAV sync from the Mac and let it upload for days. It takes days for me to upload 3 GB to the cloud.

Now I am trying to synchronize DTTG with the same WebDAV sync store. It seems to be taking just as long which is fine.

The problem is that the Bonjour sync is effectively broken while the iPhone uploads to WebDAV. In order to initiate a Bonjour sync I have to disable the webDAV connection and restart/refresh the apps.

Is this normal? I thought I read on the forums that they should not interfere with eachother.

Bonjour is a LAN based protocol that can be routed by a network router. Is there a logical reason that your internet connection is slow?

Does other LAN activity also slow down while the iPhone is uploading? Could it be your router/gateway is overloaded while the uploading takes place for example?

Thank you for your response! Before getting in the details of my network, can you confirm that the problem isn’t baked into DT? In theory, bonjour shouldn’t have to wait for another sync store to finish processing, correct?

My internet connection is slow because I have 1Mbps upload speeds with my isp. I’ve lived with it for a while and manage it with QOS (limiting the total upload bandwidth).

I’m at the edge of my understanding of networking here, but to answer your question, no, my other LAN transfers do not slow down when iPhone is uploading to webdav. But, they are wired directly to a gigabit switch, so they are bypassing the wireless router, right?

Specifically, I have my QOS upload limit at router set to 800kbps. (Often my tested upload max is closer to 2Mbps, so 800kbps is pretty conservative.) It’s not a fancy router, but I assumed it could perform some LAN/switching like bonjour while maintaining the slow drip of 800kbps to the gateway.

I’m ALWAYS using up that 800kbps upload one way or another, and my devices (even wireless) generally communicate fine. I just ran a test copying a large file from Mac to iPad via SMB with and without iPhone uploading to webDAV. Same speed (around 25 seconds for a 200mb file).

Not that I know, but that doesn’t mean I’m right of course.

If the devices are in one subnet (no VLANs for example) and you’re refering to a non-managed switch, then you’re probably right.

That more or less excludes the router as the limiting factor I would say.

Personally speaking, for now I would wait until the 3GB is uploaded (that would take about 7 hours if I calculated it correctly), assuming you add much less data after that. But that obviously doesn’t answer your question.

My observation (based on the little whirlies that appear on/in the sync stores) is that DTTG seems to sync one database in each sync store at a time. So if one of your sync stores is slow and the app happens to try to sync that one first it will hold things up for the bonjour sync and all the other stores.

I was having throttling issues with CloudKit a while back and I had to turn that off (for the bonjour client and server) to get bonjour to run quickly and immediately.

There are also things I don’t understand about the internals, for example sometimes I get a “database busy” error from a bonjour sync client which seems to happen when the master/server DB is busy syncing to another store.

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