Small changes I appreciate

I’m only beginning to explore DT Pro Office 2, after hanging onto version 1 for so long. But right off I see a couple of tiny interface changes that I appreciate:

  1. When I append something to an item that I just clipped, the dock icon of DT Pro now bounces again to let me know that it happened. Not a fan of those darn bounces usually, but as confirmation of an otherwise unseen action, I do like it. With v. 1, often I would give in to obsessiveness and switch to DevonThink just to be sure that the bit I’d appended had made it.

  2. The Classify pane controls have been rearranged so that the Move To button is at the top, easier to use, and I can now double-click on a folder to move the selected file there. This last is a better solution to the multiple clicks formerly needed, than the solution I had a while back written to suggest, which was a key command to choose the recommended folder. Now with one mouse movement I can choose any folder and execute the move.

Good work on these details that don’t often get a lot of attention!

Thank you! The upcoming version 2.0pb8 will change (among others) a lot of details :wink: