Small Display Bug - Phantom Blue Lines - DT 3b3

When styling text in a note (here as bold), if the whole line is selected and then embolded, after clicking off the text two thin blue lines become visible. Clicking off the note and back on to it makes the lines go away.

There is no singular note format in DEVONthink. There’s also nothing in the screen capture that helps identify the file format you’re referring to. Please be specific in your description so we can try to replicate the issue. Thanks!

RTF. Sorry.

No worries! It happens all the time. It’s very easy to forget to be explicit about details and assume people know what we’re talking about because we know the details.

Is this consistently reproducible? I’m not seeing the issue here.
Does the artifacting persist after navigating away from and back to the document?

It’s reproducible for me. I tried restarting app/restarting computer. It does not persist after navigating from and back to the document.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a new RTF note (in global inbox)
  2. Type a line of text, press enter, type another line of text.
  3. Triple click a word in first line to highlight the whole line
  4. Add bold styling
  5. Click off selected text - blue line/lines appear.

Thanks for the steps. I’m not able to reproduce the issue here. What operating system are you running?

Mojave - 10.14.5