Small font size in RTF files

Hi, I have many legacy RTF (1500+) files that I’d like to manually convert to Markdown. All of those files were created with the previous version of DEVONThink (2.0).
The problem is that most of those files display a very small font size (Lucida Grande 10 px) which difficults reading and processing the files. How can I change the font-size on the Mac? They display nicely in DTTG.

Thanks a lot!

The font and point size of the source of Markdown files is set in Preferences > Editing > Plain Text Font.

If you’re referring to the rendered Markdown, that’s controlled by Preferences > Editing > Rich Text & Note Font or CSS styling of your own.

Hi @BLUEFROG, the font size I have problem with is not markdown, but RTF. ¿How can I control RTF font size? The settings in Preferences apply only to new RTF files.

I think that changing the Font Size in the Preferences panel will indeed ONLY apply to “new” documents, not existing ones. That actually makes sense, as if you have tons of documents in which some textes are formatted with different typo (like the title of a section), then you would loose all the formatting for the past documents.

But I think you can create your own set of styles and then go through documents and quickly apply a “style”. And then if you set the Preferences as you wish, new documents will already start having that Font Size.

Another possibility is to use AppleScript. See e.g. menu Scripts > Format for some basic examples.


Hi @gian, thanks for the suggestion. I ended up converting most of my RTF to Markdown.