Small tiny things

I’ve been really pleased with devonthink so for, but there are a couple of tiny things I wished it did differently.  

I’d like for it to generate thumbnails of rtf files as it does pdf’s.  I know it’s not really an image and you can’t really read anything, but the formatting of something can help me remember what it is when I browse.

The locked icon on the left hand column seems too bold.  I lock rtf’s that come from other sources or that I use often for reference, but when I scroll down the list looking for something in particular it grabs my attention slowing my search.

I grab web pages to browse offline, but if there is a diagram or photo in the article it’s a dead link.  Is there some way to grab the page as a whole and have it as a self contained flattened page?  I thought there might be and I just missed it.

Sort of related, but when I grab articles with diagrams, I do it as rtfd instead of a html, then I manually set the url of the rtf to that of the page it came from, so that if need be I can find it online again.  Could the url be automatically set when grabbing from a page?

Thanks for the feedback!

Capturing a page within DT already sets the URL and the services of DT 1.9 will store the URL too (if the source application is Safari or OmniWeb).

But grabbing pages as a whole (aka offline arching) will be limited to DT Pro as this edition includes a complete download manager/site sucker.