Smart Folder Based On Date

Is there any way to create a smart group based on a SPECIFIC date.
The date options in the smart group editor are all relative.
I tried using the metadata but that doesn’t seem to work, although perhaps it needs a specific format that I didn’t try.

What I want is to group documents that have a specific “created” date.

This is bordering on clunk, but, for instance yesterday:

@ korm

Hmmmmm, I must be looking in the wrong place, all my choices appear to be relative. What am I missing?

Screenshot 2013-11-10 12.28.34.png

What version are you using? My screenshot is from DEVONthink Pro Office v2.7.1

(I don’t have any other version installed at this time.)

You cannot enter an explicit date when using “IS”. It is only available when using “is greater than”, “is less than”, etc.

Please make some noise if you want more granular date options: Dates for Smart Groups and Searching

I can’t promise a change (or an quick one), but if you really see the need for this kind of thing, we need to know it’s something more than two five people want. :smiley:

My mistake that I didn’t spot that. Thanks.

Since it appears that this hasn’t come up before I assume there is little demand for it. Although I’m surprised.
My use is thus:
I have sets of audio recordings indexed into DTP. The index links are in a group called notes with many other documents and recordings. However, I still want to see each set by the date they were recorded. Hence the smart group to keep the sets together.

+1 to this. Can I encourage you dorich juust to add a coment to the thread quoted? The more the better! Cheers.