Smart folder date comparisions

Any way you can create a smart folder to display documents that have been modified more recently than last opened?

I’ve hacked around it by creating a last modified >= 14 days and last opened != within 2 days but it’s a total hack and obviously could miss stuff.

If it’s not possible currently to do this, might I kindly request this as a feature request? I’ve got a project with about 50 people on it, a project folder with 5K documents and it’s pretty painful trying to keep track of what has changed :frowning:

I’m thinking it’s not possible but can you clarify what you’re looking for?

I get you want files modified in the last 14 days, but what’s the last opened part of this?

Last opened = “date opened”.

I want to see all files that have been modified since I last looked at them in DEVONthink

The closest thing you could do is use a Date Opened smart group, then sort on a Date Modified column.

Which is what I’m doing-- so could this please be raised as a feature request-- the ability to create these types of date to date comparisons (date added, created, modified opened)


The request is noted. There may be something in the next major release.

Thank you!