Smart Folder - eMail

Hi there,

I seek help in coming up with a Smart Folder that does a simple thing: Find all eMails (Kind: “eml”) with the Subject: “Your Invoice from Apple.”

However, the Smart Folder created in this specific way (Kind & Subject) does not render with one single finding. But once one changes the smart-folder-attribute from “Subject” to “Headline” one will get results … which I don’t get.

That’s why I’m asking for advice on how to conceive those smart-folders in general and for searching eMails in particular.


Yeah, but that’s the way it is. If you open Tools > Show Info… and click on a few emails you’ll see, in the “Additional Information” section of that panel that DEVONthink uses “Headline” for what you’d prefer to call “Subject”. Makes no sense, perhaps, but as you found if you use “Headline” you’ll get the results you want in Smart Groups.

No idea why DEVONthink Pro Office uses the headline instead of the subject, the former developer of email archiving left the company a long time ago and it’s been working like this since the first betas of DEVONthink 2 without any complaints :slight_smile: Anyway, the next maintenance release will change this. Therefore I’d suggest to use “Metadata matches …” conditions in smart groups or advanced searches, that’s compatible to the current and upcoming indexing and should return the desired results too.