Smart Folder Help, finding keywords in title and content

I want to create a smart folder that searches for PDFs with the term “Academic Capitalism” where that word is in the title and or body of the article. I found the “Content” option. However, whenever I use it with another criterion, it forces a content matches, which is not what I want. I want content contains Academic NEAR/1 Capitalism.

What am I doing wrong?

The smart group uses the All of the following are true setting, therefore only documents matching all conditions are found.

How can I do this then?

Why does it force Content to “Matches” instead of allowing me to choose “Contains” so I can enter my keywords?

Content can be searched only via the search index but that’s not the issue here. You have to combine the Title and Content conditions via Any, e.g. Alt-click on the + button to create such a compound condition.

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