Smart Folder Limiters

I would like to create a smart folder within a folder which contains subfolders; I will call it the project folder.

The smart folder needs to have at least two limiters: 1. a tag which I have created and 2. Location which is the project folder.

However, location is not listed as an option for smart folder setup. Is there a work around? Or am I doing something wrong?

Location is not a criterion for Smart Groups but you can select a group in the Search In dropdown.

Can you provide more details? I do not see how this is going to work.

Again, my folders are nested as follows:
1.1. Project 1
1.1.1. Subfolder
1.1.2 Subfolder
1.1.3 Smart Folder, using a tag named ‘to read’

I am already in the location / folder where I need to see items ‘to read’ for that folder, but instead folder 1.1.3 gives me everything I have tagged as ‘to read’, not items I need to read only for Project 1. It would be great if I could use the name of the folders as tags. That would make the limitation easy. For instance, I can limit the smart folder to include items with tags: ‘to read’ and “1.1. Project 1”.

Additionally, I created the smart 'To Read" folder for the whole database. As expected, it includes the same items as 1.1.3 folder. I was in the Search mention (All/In Selection/ Prefix), but I still do not see how I can work around it.

This is already possible. In File> Database Properties > … you can uncheck Excude Groups from Tagging. This creates Group tags from the group names.

Hint: There is a lot of good info in the manual. I would highly suggest opening it or downloading a PDF copy from here: … nuals.html. It’s a great resource.

Note in the screencap here below, I have set the Search In to Project, the top level Group. It is only searching within that group (and its children).

The Exclude Groups from Tagging tip is excellent. I must have had that option unchecked at one point because it worked before, and all of a sudden it stopped working. I am all set now. Thanks.

No problem. :smiley: