Smart group based on tag/combination of tags


is there a way to create a smart group using one of the tags/combination of them in the default menu of DTTG3?

E.g. “triage” + “machine-learning”?

I see in the search results, that DTTG3 is synching information on my smart groups from DT3 but these groups are empty/contain 0 bytes. (I believe this is new behaviour as compared to DTTG2).

Can we expect these groups to be fully functional in the future? (I guess that would allow to configure a taged based group in DT3 in sync it into DTTG3 or even create such group directly in DTTG3?).

Again, covered in these forums before: smart groups are not functional in DEVONthink To Go at this time, nor can you create them.

In a future release they will be implemented but no, I can’t say when.

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Hi, Just wondering what the status of Smart Groups in DTTG is these days. Thanks!

I can’t say much but I definitely won’t be in a simple maintenance release.

You certainly won’t, Jim, you’re like a completely separate piece of software in your own right!

Would you be an Easter egg if you were though, I wonder?

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