Smart Group for All Inboxes


Is there a way to use ‘All Inboxes’ as a search criterion?

Use case: to automatically add my ‘To Be Assessed’ label to any item in any of my database Inboxes.

Obviously, I can select ‘Inboxes’ (with unified inboxes) in the Sidebar to see a consolidated list, but how do I apply a smart rule to that consolidated list?

As far as I can tell, I can only select one inbox at a time as a smart rule target.

I know I can do a saved search (kind:any label:0 scope:inboxes), but that produces a Smart Group. How do I turn that into the target for a Smart Rule?

(If there’s another way to achieve the same goal, please let me know…)

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That’s currently not possible but planned for future releases.

Thanks for the quick answer, Cris.

So, are my only options at the moment for this sort of automation either a script attached to the Inboxes, or separate Smart Rule for each Inbox?


Yes, these are the only options if you want to use multiple inboxes.

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Thanks for the info, Cris.