Smart Group for any file other than PDF?

Is there a way to make a smart group within a database that shows all files that are not PDF? I’ve tried, but any smart group I create also includes another copy of all standard database smart groups (i.e. All Images, All PDF Documents & Duplicates) within it… Duplicating an existing smart group doesn’t work - I can duplicate and edit the duplicated group, but it won’t save unless I enter something in the search field, and when I do that I end up with nested smart groups again…

Welcome @AJvK

Did you try Kind is not PDF/PS?

Yes I did. And it works, but as I’ve said, DT3 then also shows all other smart groups nested below, (in the navigation pane I think?), and as the top items in the file viewer. I’d like to have a smart group to show only files (like the standard smarts groups do)

So conditions to be met, all:

Kind is not PDF
Kind is Any Document

That’s it! Thanks! It was driving me crazy…

you’re most welcome :slight_smile: