Smart Group for Documents AND Groups

I have tagged a bunch of folders and documents OUT, meaning they’re the ones I’ve sent to my researcher to do some work on.

Then I created a Smart Group called “OUT”, but it seemed it want to search either Groups OR Documents, not both. I was finally able to create a Smart Group that found both Groups and Documents, but it seems a bit kludgy, so I wanted to ask you all if there’s an easier way.

Name: OUT
Search in: Database

All of the following are true:
(Indent 1) Label is OUT
(Indent 1 Any of the following are true:

          (Indent 2) Kind is Any Document
          (Indent 2) All of the following are true:

                      (Indent 3) Kind is Group

This works, but for future reference is there an easier way?

Remove the Kind criterion and it finds both documents and groups.
Merely have Tag is OUT and it should do what you’re looking for.

Weird. It didn’t work before (which is why I put in Kind), but it does now.