Smart Group for files not OCR'ed yet and Photos - Best Solution?

I have a smart folder with rules for files that have 0 words and has a few thousand files. Many/most of them are photos that I want to leave in DT (I’ve already moved thousands of photos out of DT but these are too closely related to my DT database purposes to want to remove).

It would be easy enough for me to tag the photos as “photo” since they are mostly in a few specific folders and I’m assuming that I can group tag.

Is this the best solution to keep my smart folder working as I want it to - to show files that need to be OCR’ed and that aren’t photos that can’t be OCR’ed?

Post a screen capture of your smart group’s criteria.

This is the way it is currently (and it shows 1000+ photos in there)
Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 5.19.04 PM

Your should check your Kind criteria (Any Document)

Thanks @DTLow I can remove images from the smart folder by creating an “is not images” rule, but it also will remove all my images that are screenshots as well that could be OCR’ed. My first guess was the tagging of photos as “photo” to solve the problem but since I’m new to tagging I just wanted to know if there is another solution. If I could make a rule to separate JPG from PNG files that could have worked but I don’t believe I’m able to do that.

How about a time limit for not ocr’d photos
I use Date Added is this week

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You can use the Extension is criterion to filter.

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Thanks for the extension criteria tip @BLUEFROG, and @DTLow, I had to do one manual review of my smart box then add the NOT JPG rule and sort by date added, that easily makes my smart box show me what I need to OCR and I may do a JPG only smart box to make sure there aren’t any JPGs that could be OCRed that I missed otherwise.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: