Smart group listing all nested Markdown documents under a given group?

Hey, how can I create a Smart group which shows all nested Markdown documents under a given group as a flat list?

Here a group structure example:

+- GroupA
   +-- Sub1
   +-- Sub2
+- GroupB

Now I want to create a Smart group listing the items:

How can I do this?

(I want to use this Smart Group to then select all these documents for the new Graph View feature. :smile:)

Thanks heaps for any pointers!

Perhaps I don’t understand what you’re after, but that seems to be too easy:

Too easy for you, but just right for me: I wasn’t aware that the “Search in” field can specify individual groups and not only databases. Thanks heaps! :smile:

One follow-up question: If I want to collect the Markdown files in two unrelated Groups, is here a condition/Bedingung which does teh same as the “Suchen in” field, so that I could OR two of these conditions together?

Nope. That’s not about „condition“ (what), but about „scope“ (where). And scopes can’t be combined with an or

The easiest way to do that would be to create another group in the hierarchy, and replicate both groups to it. You can then search on the ‘Combined group’ using the same parameters as before.


Assume you have two Groups (Group 1 and Group 2) somewhere in the database, each with subgroups and markdown files.

First create a new group ‘Combined Group’ and replicate Group 1 and Group 2 to it.

Secondly set up your smart group as before, searching in ‘Combined Group’.

And you get:

Adding or removing a group from the Smart Group is as simple as replicating another group to Combined Groups – or deleting the replicated group from it.



Certainly does. Thanks @brookter.

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