Smart Group - No Tags Filter

I setup a smart group to display:

Kind: Markdown

I am trying to display all markdown documents without a tag. However, the result does not produce any search result. Leaving the tag field empty does not show files without a tag.

Can this be improved?

A quick test suggests that

Tag IS NOT *

may work. Does that help?

Works! Thank you.

Or simpler…


@bluefrog Thanks for pointing this out.

No problem.

If I’m doing this, the search will also show all my tags themselves, for they are not tagged. How can I exclude them tags?

Wait, I can just search in specific groups, not in the entire database. This will exclude all tags themselves.

“Kind” “is not” “tag” - maybe?

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As I added in my initial comment, I had to search in specific groups (not the entire database) to get rid of tags.

Maybe I misunderstood you. Let me rephrase what I understood: You’re looking for all items in a database that are not tagged but are not tags themselves - correct?

In this case, it is sufficient to set “Kind” to “any document” and “Item” to “not tagged” (see screenshot).

This works across groups, i.e. in the whole database. But then again, maybe I misunderstood what you want to achieve.

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