Smart Group 'Search in...' Scopes [solved]

Hello, DT community!

I’ve done some searching around and it seems clear a Smart Group cannot exclude one or more databases from the results. I’ve also discovered one workaround is to temporarily close the database which effectively excludes it from Smart Group results.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to work this logic from other direction: use the ‘Search in…’ option to select more than one database to include in the results, which could achieve the same outcome for me.

My use case is as follows: I have a database called ‘RSS Feeds’ which (unsurprisingly) contains a group for each of the RSS feeds I follow. While I enjoy and use the Today/Yesterday Smart Groups daily, sometimes the documents or items I manually add/create get lost in a sea of RSS results.

While it’s straightforward to make a Smart Rule showing items from Today/Yesterday that includes ONLY my RSS feeds, I would love to find a way (other than closing my RSS Feeds database, which stops it from checking for updates in the background) to view items from Today/Yesterday which are NOT in the RSS Feeds database.

I’ve considered creating some sort of rule to tag incoming RSS items, but it feels like I’m adding complexity (additional processing, metadata, labels, tags, etc.) when the database itself is already the ideal criteria for filtering these results from a Smart Group.

Am I missing something (or perhaps overthinking this)?

I appreciate the fine folks that make & maintain DEVONthink and this great user community; curious to hear what thoughts or suggestions you might offer.

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Adding kind:!news in your Smart Group excludes RSS feed items. Note that this is a toolbar search query, in a Smart Group you have to use the dropdown menu (should be “kind is not ‘news’”, but didn’t check).

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+1 to this.

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Thank you, @pete31

This tip made my day! I added a couple more conditions, but I now have the Smart Group view I’m looking for:


The Kind conditions…

Kind is Any Document
Kind is not News

…should be sufficient too and basically return all documents except news.

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That works brilliantly (and it’s easier to implement, too)! Thank you!

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