Smart Group Search Score

I did a search within my database and found the Score field very useful. Since I’ll be adding relevant content in the future, I decided to save the search as a smart group.

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 1.17.16 PM

When I then choose the Smart Group, it performs the search just fine. However the Score field does not show in the document view columns. I checked and there is not “score” field available to add. I saw some comments in Discourse noting that the Score only shows up for searches (not sure why). So, with some experimenting, I found that if I enter anything in the DT Search Field, the whole search criteria selection appears and the Score field shows up.

I thought that I could use the “hits” field, but after doing some comparisons I find hits doesn’t correlate so well with the Score and there are some of the pertinent documents that show from the search that have 0 hits.

I can do the work around of entering something in the search field. But thought there would be a cleaner way.

As you’ve seen, the Score column only appears with active toolbar searches.

Development would have to assess any changes in the behavior for smart groups and rules.