Smart group "Tag <tagname> is absent"--impossible?

I have searched these forums and the manual and the Take Control book, and I haven’t seen any definitive answer to this question. It is impossible to set up a smart group for the absence of a specific tag?

There is a comment in the manual that the Smart Group Editor is “under construction”. I hope that this feature is added.

More in a subsequent post.


See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9956

Thank you. FWIW, I have cited in these forums my satisfaction with how Sente deals with searching and nested searches. For a long time they got “tag XXX is missing” completely wrong, but they finally rewrote that code and it works very nicely. I have my frustrations with Sente, but this is one part that shines. When you have a free moment (I know, you are maintaining a large program with a large user population with an endless “to-do” list, so you never have a free moment!), it would be worth playing with Sente to see how it does tag searches.

I keep moving more and more of my life into DevonThink–it’s a little scary how seductive this program is :mrgreen:

I too would welcome additional functionality for tag searches and tag criteria in smart groups. If I had the options to select tags as pictures below, along with some other enhancements to smart groups that we will already see in 2.0.3, my workflow would be enhanced greatly.

+1 to Greg’s suggestion - I would use this frequently.

Both the Tags view and searching for tags will be definitely enhanced. V2.0.3 is basically a maintenance release but will include the first bunch of improvements, more will follow.