Smart group unread totals not updating automatically

I have set up a few smart groups with various search terms on Content and “Unread is On”. The searches/smart groups work correctly. However, the unread totals shown in the list of smart groups (leftmost pane in Split and Three Panes views) do not update unless I click on them. This is problematic because the goal of these smart groups is to catch important unread items. Is there a setting to enable automatic updates?

Thanks, Paul (DEVONthink Pro 2.3.5)


Smart Folders should update on-the-fly. Just curious… what is the source of the info?

The info sources are all RSS feeds.

The default Unread smart group works fine and updates its badge/unread count properly in the left hand panel. The unread counts for my smart groups only update when I select them.

For RSS, what is your setting in DEVONthink > Preferences > RSS > Check for Updates?

Every hour, Skip duplicates, Convert categories to tags.

The individual feeds update without problems.

A feed is not going to update any faster than the Preference setting for RSS (unless you manually refresh the feed from the contextual menu) — so a smart group that is collecting RSS feeds is not going to update its badge any faster than the source feed.


I mark all feeds as read.

The global/default “Unread” smart group appropriately shows zero unread count (actually, no badge is displayed, which is correct.)

If I go back and mark a matching feed entry (item) as unread, the badge for the appropriate smart group does not update to show 1 unread. It should have appeared and updated to indicate that there is 1 matching unread item. However, the global Unread count instantly updates to indicate that there is now 1 unread item. If I now select (click on) my smart group, the 1 unread count appears and is listed correctly.

It appears that the smart group badges are at least not being appropriately updated when the unread count changes.

I think I stumbled over the same problem and can contribute an observation here. What feels weird is: When I have a regular smart group (no RSS), and I go to one of it’s source groups and mark one item as read or unread (cmd-k), the smart group’s icon reflects the actual number of unread items at once (still there, one more or less than before).

However, a smart group with a feed source behaves like this: changing the (un)read state of any item (outside the smart group) makes the unread count (of the smart group) disappear at once (even if there are unread items left).
(sounds confusing - is that understandable?)

To get the actual count, I have to select the smart group itself. Only then the unread count is updated (like pkent described it in his first post).

Could you please post a screenshot of the conditions of the smart group? In addition, are the smart groups stored in a database or in the sidebar? Please note that only fast smart groups are updated on-the-fly, slower ones (e.g. with search terms) use caching and are therefore only updated after clicking on them.