Smart Groups and "duplicate" criteria

Smart Groups currently do not allow for multiple criteria that speak about the same meta data such as “kind”.

Now, I understand that asking for “All of the following: kind is image, kind is html” should resolve zero results and so there’s some “auto correction” to drop the first item so something results. But in the case of “Any of the following: kind is image, kind is html” the same effect happens where the first line is omitted and the results only contain html files despite the intent to have only image and html. A similar example might be to locate all the text files rich and plain or create a series of criteria and then exclude specific kinds.

I get that I might/could construct a single line of spotlight search code to find what I want, but this defeats the purpose of the GUI search mechanism that these drop down menus are supposed to make search intuitive. It is frustrating to have to learn yet another scripting language that only sort of works like grep.

I’ve created complex Smart “things” in many applications, and have never had such trouble creating a master list and then cutting bits out that I know are outside my desired scope.

That’s a known limitation related to few predicates like kind or label. But this will be enhanced in a future release.