Smart Groups and Search


After having used DevonThink for a while the classical way, by naming documents and putting them into folders, I wanted to change my workflow a bit to have less work. So I wanted to use smart folders.

The database I am working with contains bills, letters, papers from banks, insurance bills, tax forms etc from several years.

The way I wanted to work now was the following:

  • I create a folder called 2015
  • I add a smart group called ‘All documents’. The smart group has several rules to select the documtents that are relevant for 2015.
  • Next I create smart group where I want all the bills from the health insurance for 2015. So I would like to have the smart group 2015 as base and add my rules to find the right documents.

I realized this is not working, because it is not possible to search for documents in a smart group.

:question: Question: how do I solve my task without too much effort?

:arrow_right: Feature Requests:
a) Ability to search in smart groups (combine searches).
b) The rules for find and smart groups get automatically combined. This is a nice feature. However I would suggest to combine search criteria only on request. So I would suggest adding a corresponding button to those interfaces. For me in the current circumstances (1 short line to see a big selection criteria) it is more understandable to see my selection criteria one after the other, like in iTunes or similar programs.
c) I like the idea of texting the search criteria (the mentioned combined search criterias). however I would suggest to make the textarea for the search criteria bigger. also the user should be able to decide how big the textarea should be.

You’ve already added an exclusion here, so I’m not sure why your Smart Group would be checking for files from 2015. If the files are already stored in the 2015 folder, just point the Smart Group at that Group first.